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USB VV passthrough

USB VV passthrough

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Stock Status: Available



USB-VV direct Passthrough

(Penghantaran percuma/ 包邮费/ Free Delivery)



Content of 1set USB VV pasthrough

1x USB-Vv body

1 x Instruction manual


Note: suitable use with computer USB port or Car USB charger.

*NOT to use with Ego-charger



Specification / Function:

4 steps voltage: Provided 4 different level of vapor. Indicated by 4 differenct colors.

Compatible with many type of clearomizer / atomizer (CE4+, CE5, Vivinova, DC Tank, X6, X8 .....)






Hubungilah kami untuk selanjutnya...

H/P: 016-5933875

Email: (untuk response yang tercepat)


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Comment(Total 17 Comment)

  • Anonymous user ( 2014-12-01 16:06:35 )

    still got a stock bos?

    AdministratorYes sir, still available.

  • store ( 2013-07-06 21:28:38 )

    Very good... love it.. Now I can really saved my battery usage in front of laptop / PC and while driving haha...

  • rayza_klang ( 2013-06-10 23:58:05 )

    Bos. Kalau pakai power bank boleh berfungsi ke?

    Administratortak guarantee semua power bank sesuai, cuma ada yg sesuai dan ada yg tak sesuai. yg pasti boleh guna dekat PC/laptop. Dan car USB charger yg kami jual pun tested ok.

  • Anonymous user ( 2013-05-28 23:03:29 )

    pos kemarin arini ,sampai Sandakan.kena guna charger 2Amp br jln,laptop ok ja. Asap byk utk DCT. panjang sekali tank takat lebih sket jari hantu.kecik n ringan. recommend utk 2nd purchase.totally appreciate freebies yg d beri.

  • skyline13 ( 2013-04-27 22:11:46 )

    Terbaik. Ramai pulak yg nak order ni..

  • kulat77 ( 2013-04-21 18:47:30 )

    bos tadi dah buat online tranfer rm 160(MAYBANK) pembelian utk itaste MVP 2013042175362 .bila boleh dapat barang...... he.... he...

    Administratorboss, TQ... harap boss lain kali email bagi tau ya.. sebab biasanya kena bagi payment slip sekali.. dan kami akan email shipment detail termasuk tarikh penghantaran bagi boss

  • hafizzain ( 2013-04-10 17:19:57 )

    Bos,usb vv passthrough yang saya pesan aritu da smpai..tapi tak berfungsi boleh return dan tukar yg lain x?

    Administratorsila email , TQ

  • Anonymous user ( 2013-04-10 09:19:47 )

    bos kalau pkai ni dgn vivi nova or dc tank kna pkai ego cone ke?

    Administratortak perlu pun boleh, nak pakai pun boleh.

  • Anonymous user ( 2013-04-07 15:36:39 )

    Great item bos! Love it to the my battery when in front computer n driving. Good price too. Every vapers should have this.pair with Aga,igo,x8,vivinova..All fire like wonder

  • Anonymous user ( 2013-04-06 15:16:09 )

    i got this item on wednesday but yesterday this thing already short.sometimes can use but sometimes can't..can i change this item?

    Administratoralready sms..

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