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ATTY rebuildable tank

ATTY rebuildable tank

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  • Brand: Acessories
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Stock status: Out of stock



come with resistance = 0.2 Ohm

Capacity = 2.5ml


Content of ATTY Rebuildable Atomizer Tank: 

- ATTY tank x1 


Suitable for use with all products, especially Mechanical Mod. (if you want to use with electronics mod, you can recoil it to higher resistance (ohm) "typically more than 1.3ohm") 





Comment(Total 29 Comment)

  • dhaiqal ( 2015-03-31 01:45:42 )

    bos, can use with lavatube and imotion3 or not?

    Administratoryes sir, can use.

  • andyvitt ( 2015-02-27 19:38:35 )

    Boss stock bila sampai

    Administratorboss, stock ATTY tak ada lagi sebab manufacturer tak buat lagi. suggest pulse gen untuk boss.

  • ronnieventura ( 2014-09-29 03:33:04 )

    Boss, since Vamo has variable voltage adjustment, still need to recoil? Can set to 3.0~3.7V same as mech mod and use the included 0.2 Ohm coil?

    Administratorcan recoil or use fix resistance tank, both can.

  • Thalis ( 2014-08-11 16:01:26 )

    hey bro.... is this RSST's diameter 22mm to sit flush with the Nemesis for example?

    Administratorhi sir, almost this diameter but never measure ourself.

  • turnmoil ( 2014-05-07 15:40:44 )

    hi, this item got stock now?

    Administratoryes sir, still got stock.. TQ

  • Anonymous user ( 2013-11-28 15:33:19 )

    tank plastik atau kaca boss

    Administratorplastik... boss

  • kakirinkato ( 2013-11-24 23:30:43 )

    dah ade sparepart?

    Administratorboss, kalau untuk coil head, coil tu boleh rebuild dgn beli resistance wire..

  • kakirinkato ( 2013-11-16 03:13:25 )

    bos tanye sket...tank ni ade jual sparepart x? die nye tank plastic tu ade jual x? sy nye crack laa..

    Administratortak jual separated boss.. lambat sikit cari tengok ada sparepart tak.

  • dayang ( 2013-11-13 16:09:32 )

    ello boos,i da sumit shoping,and da jgk transfer payment at cimb.and jgak da maseg,but snyap jew xde rply pn.plz cek transfer i tu.tkut salah akaun je,hahah

    Administratorboss baru dah email bagi boss tadi untuk check dgn boss.. sila check email. TQ. Ng.

  • yuzriahmady ( 2013-10-18 18:25:24 )

    Bos, kalau order pakai alamat kawan boleh ka?... saya bayar tapi pos ke rumah kawan (dengan kata lain tolong buyer yg tiada akaun...)

    Administratormmg boleh boss. just isi alamat kawan anda semasa place order.

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